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There she was… Absolutely GORGEOUS! Long sexy legs. Tight sweater hugging her perky boobs. And her face… mmm… beautiful like an angel. I had an eye on her for a few weeks, but today is different. Today, I am going to ask her out.
Time for action! But wait… What if she has a boyfriend? Girl that pretty must have a boyfriend! What if I freeze like a deer in headlights? Why is my heart pounding like crazy? Yes, I wanna ask her out, but NOT now! Maybe later. Tomorrow is another day.

Sounds familiar? My true story. In a moment I'll tell you what happened next…

I am not going to tell you I have a miracle cure that will get you laid like a rock star. I am not going to lie and tell you that horny girls will line up by your door while you're slaughtering aliens in HALO for 20 days straight.

 LISTEN, If you didn't have much ACTION in YOUR BEDROOM lately, and you  wanna do something about it, read on. 

I always had a crash on the hottest girl, got rejected and heartbroken. I truned my life around. I wanna show you how YOU can improve YOUR SEX LIFE too. You'll find out how to use the latest breakthru in scientific research and simple pickup techniques to get the girl you desire. I am Robert Reins founder of Ascent Research Group LLC.

Imagine YOU Could Instantly Make Any Women FEEL  POWERFUL GUT-LEVEL ATTRACTION

What if YOU approached a girl and she felt INSTANT CONNECTION with YOU?
What if she FELT RELAXED and AT EASE around YOU?
What if she was ATTRACTED to YOU for NO LOGICAL reason?

Is it possible that it might change whether or not, she'd want to hang out with YOU? Do you think she'd want to see a movie at your place? Do you think she would let you take her panties off? I BET MY ENTIRE "GIRLS GONE WILD" COLLECTION ON IT!

My Story Continues...
There she was again… Different outfit today. Gorgeous as usual! She sat next to me. I could not resist sneaking a peek at her sexy lips. I admired the beautiful valley her boobs created. She caught me looking, I smiled. After a few minutes she suddenly turned to me, smiled and said, "Hey, What's your name?"

I introduced myself. Then we were talking small talk. She giggled a lot. In fact, she made me feel like a stand up comedian. I was not funny nor was trying to be funny. I had a secret she didn't know. Our conversation was going well. But, what she said next really took me by SURPRISE…

Read on, in a bit I'm going to finish my story.

New Scientific Discoveries Reveal that Pheromones are Essential in Human Attraction and Sexuality

If you haven't heard all the media buzz about pheromones, let me explain:
Pheromones are natural chemicals that attract the opposite sex. This fact is well researched and documented. The first experiments with pheromones date back to the early 1700's. New research and numerous studies show that pheromones play a far bigger role in human sexuality than ever thought before.
  "i got icebreaker 2 weeks ago. i let it sit in the box for a week because i just didn't believe it would work. finally, i decided since i had paid for it, i should use it, so i decided to try it. i went out with my buddies for a drink and i was chatted up by 5 girls (yes five!!!!!) over the course of the nite. 3 of them were at least 7 on my scale. that never happened to me before!! i couldn't believe the effect it had on girls around me. i am now hooked on it and i am trying to keep my secret from other guys!"  
Eric W., Trenton NJ

How do Pheromones Work in Humans?

One of the most interesting facts is that Pheromones are not consciously detected by the opposite sex. Pheromone molecules are detected inside the VNO ("vomeronasal organ") that is located in a small cavity inside the nose. This information is transmitted to Hypothalamus, an almond size gland that is linked to other parts of limbic brain. These are the areas that control emotions and sexual activity. A woman exposed to human pheromones feels an instinctive, powerful attraction and she doesn't know why. This is what's called "chemistry".
Even the tiniest amounts of pheromones can trigger these significant reactions:

VNO - Pheromone Receptor
Hypothalamus - Emotions & Sexual Behavior
Relaxed Mood
Happier Feelings
Ovulation Cycle Change
Readiness and Willingness to Have Sex
Perception of How Attractive You Are

Our Bodies don't Produce Enough Natural Pheromone

According to researchers, humans have lost the ability to produce sufficient amounts of pheromones as a result of biological evolution. And, to make matters worse, the small amounts of natural pheromones produced in your body are washed away every time you take shower.

Icebreaker Formula is Designed to Trigger Feelings of Attraction, Trust and Sexual Arousal in Women

While other pheromone products contain only Androstenone and/or Androstenol, Icebreaker formula contains 8 human pheromones including OXITOCIN Analog with linear time-release into the air. Oxytocin is the "Love" hormone released when women climax during sex. Independent research has shown it has strong pheromonal properities when inhaled.

  Icebreaker Pheromone Cologne Formula
8 Social and Sex Pheromones. Total of 15mg in 30ml bottle
AndrostenoneCauses sexual arousal in women.
AndrostanoneCauses women to engage in sexually promiscuous conversation.
AndrosteronePromotes the sense of “trust” with potential mates.
Androstenol (α & β) – Elicits social-lubricant effect, and reduces inhibitions.
Dehydroisoandrosterone *Linear time release of pheromones into air.
Epoxyestratrienol *Helps to alleviate a woman's irritability during ovulation.
Tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone *Exerts long lasting pheromone effects.
Oxytocin Analog *Creates strong feelings of trust and deep connection.
* Patent pending. Licensed to us.

If you are not a chemist, some of the chemical names above may sound unsafe to you. Rest assured that Icebreaker cologne contains only small amounts not to cause any adverse reactions, but strong enough to release ample amounts of pheromone molecules into the air.

What Can I Realistically Expect to Happen?

When you start using Icebreaker Pheromone Cologne, you'll usually experience the primary effects caused by the sex pheromones within one to three weeks - depending on how much interaction you have with women. After 3 to 8 weeks you'll see the actual positive changes in your life. You get a boost of confidence caused by all the positive responses.

Dramatically REDUCE REJECTIONS from women
Get more smiles, winks, touches, hugs and kisses
More conversations initiated by girls that approach you
An increased number of date invitations from girls
Broaden your perceived status and authority
Get respect from other men
A solid boost of confidence
More self esteem as a positive side effect
Enhance your existing relationship
Get more & better sex

When you get your Icebreaker, you'll be amazed by the increased attention you get from women. Don't procrastinate. Our limited supplies are flying off the shelves fast.

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  Do any of these describe YOU?
I don't feel myself around women
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Spray on Icebreaker and girls will show interest in you. But, I want to make absolutely sure that you don't blow your opportunities. I want YOU to make the best of each and every interaction with a girl. That's why I'm giving you this field proven seduction guide for FREE!

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My Story Continues...
"So, do you like them?" she said. "What?" I replied. "I saw you looking at them... My boobs". I could not believe how open and forward she was with me. I paused and slowly said "Maybe I do... Maybe... I don't, I haven't really seen them." teasing her. She started laughing and said: "I know you do... You dog!". I did not say anything. I looked directly in her eyes and smiled just a bit. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. It was almost like she wanted to take her top off on the spot, just to prove me that she was right! Needless to say, I was wearing Icebreaker. And that girl came to my apartment next Friday for a movie, wine and some "fun" ;-)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
 Get Laid in 30 Days or Your Money Back!

Our accountant thinks I am crazy! I personally don't know you, so, how can I offer you such strong statement of warranty? Simply because I KNOW if you try Icebreaker Pheromone Cologne and follow the "Crash Course in Dating & Seduction" guide, you're going to start having success with women in less than 30 days.

Many of our customers reported amazing success, and I know you will too. If you don't think so, simply send back your unused portion and we'll send you EVERY PENNY, including our shipping cost, back to you, promptly.

Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.
No waiting. Your order ships the next business day.
We never re-bill unless you re-reorder.
Your order is packaged discreetly in a PLAIN BOX.
We never sell your personal information to anyone.


Ascent Research Group LLC

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  Check out what some of our customers have said
  " My cousin is older than me and he’s into all the seduction stuff. He’s kinda like my mentor. He told me about Icebreaker and I had to promise him I wouldn’t tell my friends. He said if everybody uses it, it’ll stop working. I got excited about what he told me and got 3 bottles for myself. Now, I have to say, it works, girls are flirting with me like never! Used to, I’d not approach any of the hotties to spare myself from rejection but now I do, and I expect fun night any time I go out. "  
Bill A., Salisbury MD
  "On the first day I used Icebreaker I had 4 chicks on campus approach me asking about random stuff. I got 3 numbers and I can’t wait to use it when I go to a date!"  
John V., Chicago IL
  “Last year on my 24 birthday,I was still was a virgin. My friend told me about Icebreaker and gave me the crash course booklet. It was an eye opener! I was so ignorant to these things. I followed the advise to build up my confidence. There was this girl working at starbucks who was constantly teasing me and making fun of my orders. I asked her out. A couple days later… let’s just say that she showed me all the wonders of the world in one night... ;-) I am very happy man!!! I am not telling you my name, I want to stay private, thanks!"  
  “I’ve been using Icebreaker for about a month. I have to say, I’ve tried lots of other products and found some success. But, from my experience, I found out that Icebreaker has the best impact on women’s sex drive that I have seen so far. I always use it when I wanna make out with my girlfriend and she's not in the mood. I got 3 more bottles.”  

Michael P.

  “The Icebreaker scent kicks ass! The chicks love it and are all over me! Thanks, you guys should get a nobel price for this shit!  
Rob, Denver, CO
  “I went to a bachelor party wearing Icebreaker. I just had to write to tell you that all of our “entertainment” kept me quite busy. LOL! I could tell that the future groom got a little irritated with me. I couldn’t believe that Icebreaker had such a strong influence on these girls!”  
Brian L., San Diego, CA
  My name is Paul, and I'm kind of shy with girls. At times I really embarrassments myself. I have a friend that I work with, he’s a player. He was having this party at his house and I went to his bathroom. I saw this interesting cologne “Icebreaker”. I liked the smell, so I sprayed a little on. I was shocked with what happened next: one girl at the party who I talked to all of a sudden sat down on my lap and started french kissing me. I didn’t know that this was the effect of the cologne until I thought about the whole thing the next day. So I googled it and was able to find your website. You guys rock! ;-)  
Paul W., San Jose, CA

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Does This REALLY Work?

If you are still skeptical, I totally understand, I am a cautious person too. I didn't believe such results were possible until girls started to approach me and asking me all kinds of weird questions. Girls have very funny indirect ways of showing interest. You won't believe the rush of excitement you get when this starts happening to you!

Why don't you try one bottle for 30 days risk free. You have nothing to lose. Apply one spray on your chest and one behind each of your ears. Pay close attention to women around you. Follow the seduction guide.

If you're not 100% satisfied with the increased flirtation and interests you get from women, just send us back the product and we'll promptly refund all your money including our shipping cost. You can keep the "Crash Course in Dating & Seduction" guide as our thanks for trying our product.

Large number of our first time customers reported amazing success and re-ordered additional bottles, that's why I know it will work for you too.

If you're already somewhat successful with women, take your success to a level most men only dream of.

But it's up to you to take the next step. To order Icebreaker right now click here.

Your order will be discretely shipped to you in a PLAIN BOX without indication of the product.

If you have a question please check out the FAQ. If you don't find the answer, drop me a line at

So, Here's the Deal:
For a price of a new XBOX game you get this powerful seduction kit. I don’t know about you but I'd trade any game for all the Fun Times ;-) with my New Girlfriend in a blink!

Don't let anything get in your way of enjoying the life you want. I wish you success!

Your new friend,
Robert Reins

Pheromone Researcher - Founder of Ascent Research Group LLC

P.S. Icebreaker is a result of two years of research and testing in the field. It contains a unique blend of sex and social pheromones to help you attract women. The girls open up and chat a LOT more with you. Icebreaker helps you make women feel powerful attraction and deep connection with you WITHOUT MUCH EFFORT.

P.P.SThe FREE BONUS "Crash Course in Dating & Seduction" is a practical, EASY to follow step-by-step guide. It helps you wake up the sexy, confident man that is sleeping within you and get you dates INSTANTLY.

With 30 days money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.
Just click on the button bellow to order.

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